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The Truth Check Media Literacy Series gives you the skills to spot misinformation on social media and the tools to address misinformation on your timeline.

We Live in the
Misinformation Age

Black communities are constantly flooded with misinformation on social media. All it takes is a like, a share, or a comment, and harmful info in your newsfeed can spread out of control.

The Truth Check Media Literacy Series helps you protect your social media timeline from fake news. All you need are a few key skills:

Practicing Click Restraint

 If it seems suspect, just don’t click it. Get more info on the topic first. 

Read Beyond the Headlines

Don’t get fooled by clickbait. Read the entire source before sharing.

How to Do Lateral Reading

Investigate sources as you read by opening new tabs to check info as you scroll.

Reverse Image Search

Use Google’s reverse image search tool to identify potentially fake photos and find the original source.

How to Start Reading Upstream

 Ask the questions: Who produced this? Where did this come from? Is it accurate? 

Take the Course
& Control the Narrative

Our social media timelines are filled with hoaxes, false claims, and flat-out lies. With the simple click of a button — a like, a share, or a comment — fake and harmful info can spread out of control. Truth Check gives you the tools to stop the spread of misinformation.

The Truth Check Media Literacy Series gives you the skills to spot false and fraudulent information. Take the training now!

The Truth Check Toolkit is a guide for community partners, influencers, and others who want to help stop the flood of misinformation in our communities.

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Not all sources are created equal. It’s important that we learn to analyze, evaluate, and share truthful content to avoid the spread of misinformation.

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