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Truth Check

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Providing our community with the media literacy skills to spot misinformation and #TruthCheck your timeline.

Why Truth Check

Black communities are constantly flooded with misinformation on social media in the form of hoaxes, false claims, and flat out lies. With the simple click of a button — a like, a share, a comment — fake and harmful info in your newsfeed can spread out of control. Truth Check is about arming ourselves with the tools we need to stop the spread of misinformation.

The Truth Check Training gives you the skills you need to spot false and fraudulent information. Protect your social media timeline from fake news.

Misinformation can prevent our community from receiving the most accurate and up-to-date information, and new updates seem instant! It’s important to quiet the noise. The TRUTH is that spreading false information is harmful to your friends, family, and followers. It can also affect how you make big decisions that impact your health and livelihood.

Truth Check is about arming ourselves with the tools we need to stop the spread of misinformation. Want to learn more about these techniques? Take the Truth Check Training

Truth Check Techniques

Practice Click Restraint

Resist the urge to immediately click on a search result and instead scan the page to make a more informed choice about where to click first

Reverse Image Search

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but are the words all lies? Use reverse image searches to spot potentially fake photos and uncover the original source.

Lateral Reading

Before you share a story, evaluate the source. Investigate who’s behind an unfamiliar online source by leaving the webpage and opening a new browser tab to see what trusted websites say about the unknown source. As you read, seek credible information.

Read Upstream

Check the sources, then verify them! Reading upstream can help you answer the questions “Where did this come from?” and “Who produced it?”.

Read Beyond the Headlines

Don’t get duped by clickbait. Read the entire content of an article before sharing it on social media.

Media Literacy

Literacy is no longer just the ability to read and write. Information comes in many forms and social media messaging will only continue to expand the way we share facts! These platforms connect us to one another and improve our access to important information.

But not all sources are created equal! It’s important that we learn to analyze, evaluate, and share truthful content to avoid the spread of misinformation.
Do you have the tools to Truth Check your timeline? Take these quizzes and test your knowledge! You’ll even earn a cool badge!

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Truth Check Training

The Truth Check training teaches you how to investigate beyond the headlines and empower yourself with the facts. Refining your truth checking skills can help build a generation of forward-thinkers dedicated to making positive health and lifestyle decisions.

Are you ready to access the Truth Check Training?

Not ready to take the training just yet? Check out these helpful resources in the meantime.